Katy and Bob: Safari Café is an exciting business simulator in the strategy genre from the developer Creobit. The player gets a chance to feel like the owner, employee and administrator of an exotic cafe.

Katie and Bob receive a letter from an old friends who lives on the island. He invites the heroes to establish a chain of cafes in the local safari park. The player goes to the tropical island together with the experienced restaurateurs to open his own cafe.

A young couple Kathy and Bob once again decide to open a family business to improve their financial situation and avoid problems with their strict parents. The player will have to learn how to cook exotic dishes and become a participant in the different stories! To gain success yoy have to quickly plan your actions. It is required to offer the menu to the clients, take the order and bring it without making the customer wait for a long time. Gradually there will be more and more guests, so the levels will become more difficult step by step. You can spend money earned in the cafe to improve your business: to change the furniture, increase the volume of fruit baskets, or buy the new kitchen equipment to cook faster. However, funds are not always enough, so you need to think carefully about spending your money. To do this you need to apply all your commercial and administrative skills in order not to waste your income. Success mainly depends on the proper calculation, the ability to make quick decisions and to invest wisely.

Players will love three colorful locations and interesting buildings. The new release of the game is complete with colorful wallpaper, atmospheric soundtracks, and bonus quests.