Cooking Trip: Back on the road is a strategy game from GameOn Production.

A young couple Mary and John have made their lifelong dream of opening a beautiful cozy restaurant true. They decide to participate in a competition for new restaurateurs. Surprisingly, some unknown restaurateur became the winner, beating out our young talents who wanted the prize. The main characters decide to take revenge, but to do this they have to work hard. Mary and John travel to the world culinary capitals to train with the best chefs. Together with the characters the player will go through many levels of varying difficulty, a series of interesting locations, meet different characters, cook different dishes. Performing additional tasks, the player will receive rewards to improve and develop restaurants. Heroes will meet famous chefs: Martha Schmidt, Malcolm Walker and Arnaud Russo to learn from them how to cook new dishes and find out the secrets of American and European cuisine.

Martha Schmidt is a renowned culinary expert who can teach a lot of secrets! The main characters train the skills immediately in practice, working in her restaurant. Mary takes orders, John cooks. The player has to help the trainees to serve the first visitors at the highest level.

Every day there will be new challenges. For example, serve 10 customers and earn $300. To bring an order or serve a menu three times in a row. For correctly performed tasks the player will receive a reward for which he can buy improvements.

Intuitive gameplay, beautiful music and exciting plot will catch the users of all ages. The player can build three unique restaurants with their own menu, located in America, France and Germany.