When people argue about the benefits and the harms of computer games, they bring nothing new to the world. On the one hand, games are a method of entertainment through immersion in the virtual world, and on the other hand, they are a threat to health, such as mental health, if the gamer does this too many hours a day. We invite you to read an article about the strengths and weaknesses of video games with details.

The benefits of computer games

The main argument for games is the joy they give to all gamers. In today’s world, the game world gives us a choice of dozens of game styles and allows us to buy thousands of projects for any gamer age. This includes three-year-olds and elderly people. Another argument in the debate about the benefits and harms of video games is the multifaceted development if you play games like strategies. During this gameplay process, you improve your strategic thinking, train logic, thinking, and even your memory.

Online games develop your teamwork. We mean shooters like CS:GO, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Warface. These games imply that the outcome of your game session depends largely on the cohesive actions of all the players on your team, not just on you or your friend. So you learn to be responsible for yourself and for the collective, and you improve your skills to communicate with people. Many members of the same team can become good friends in real life.

The disadvantage of computer games

Besides the benefits, computer games can harm you too, such as:

  • Addiction. This problem is mainly addressed to users of online games as they have issues of competition, «infinite» gameplay, and regular publication of new content from developers. All of these aspects cause players to spend more time on in-game achievements and so they tend to get to the top of ratings.
  • A health danger. It’s damage you do to yourself if you play games incorrectly. For example, you sit at your computer for a long time, and that will lead you to worsen your vision and spinal problems. Online game users often experience emotional stress, especially when they lose. This can also damage the body.

Therefore, we described the harm and benefit that computer games can bring to you. You should also remember not to spend too many hours a day at your computer. If you treat this issue as entertainment instead of devoting all your free time to it at the expense of your studies, work, or personal life, then you will not bring a drop of negativity into your life.