Today, society has many kinds of entertainment. People prefer to go to theatres, watch movies, visit museums, listen to and dance to music in clubs, or play games. So, each category of people has its psychological characteristics, but some remain common to all of them. We are referring to promoting entertainment projects in public places and on the Internet.

As for the gambling industry, they can also enter this issue. Gambling projects have been very popular among people since ancient times, and today, these games have become an integral part of the everyday life of society. In this article, we would like to describe the risky allure of gambling. You will learn some features of the psychology of gamblers and get to know the world of betting by using the example of the LuckyJet game from 1 Win Studio. Have a pleasant reading!

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The world of gambling: psychological features of betting

Gambling projects are the only type of game in which the success and ability to win depend not on the competitors’ skills but on the will of chance or luck. Historically, dice became the first game of chance. Later, card games became popular. However, this popularity is linked to a common psychological problem, like gambling addiction. Psychologists have even created a special term that refers to this issue, the so-called ludomania. So, a person who is dependent on betting is sick.

Of course, many professionals are negative about games of chance. When one begins to engage in such projects, one forgets about reality and ruins one’s health and everyday life.

According to experts, several categories of gamblers exist in the present world:

  1. Social gamblers who see the game as simple entertainment. Such a person has not yet become ill and can decide when he will stop the process of betting. Psychologists are suspicious of such people but do not consider them pathologically addicted. If you are a gambler and think you are in this category of players, you are lucky. However, you should be aware of the changes in your psychological state and not give in to the allure of casino games.
  2. Regular gamblers who have made casino games an integral part of everyday life. However, they can still control their betting and have no negative consequences for this occupation. But it is a risk group when people should seek help from a specialist. Surely, you have noticed some detrimental changes in your life and psychological condition if you are already addicted to gambling but still may not give in to this addiction permanently. This issue must be monitored by your relatives or friends, preferably.
  3. Problematic gamblers who are confident that casino games can be their main or additional source of profit. Such people put the games first in their lives and cause great damage to their personalities. They spend a lot of money on games developed for other goals. As a result, the problematic gamblers forget their previous interests and needs. Moreover, their income goes into a minus, no matter how they were sure that they could have regular winnings as a source of income. However, this category of gamblers may still forget their troubled interest.
  4. Pathological gamblers. This is a category of betting-dependent people. Psychologists call these gamblers the ill ones. The International Classification of Diseases has even included this category of dependencies in the list of official diseases. While playing in casinos, these gamblers forget about reality and cannot stop. Often, such people become bankrupt and even ruin their lives by such pathological pursuits.

And yet, casino games have several strengths. Remember that these “advantages” can be presented only if you’re a gambler without pathological dependence. So, casino projects help people take their minds off heavy thoughts or relax from everyday activities, relieve stress, and eliminate bad emotions. So gambling can give its users some cheerfulness and a positive experience. Also, gamblers can have a good time, have fun, and earn some money at the same time.

How may you recognize a pathological gambling addiction in your condition? We can recommend several methods. For example, if you notice that games of chance have come to dominate your other values, you will suffer moral and material damage. Also, you are probably in trouble if you have noticed that the desire to play at the casino has begun to negatively affect your social life and make you ignore your everyday responsibilities, such as professional and personal tasks.


The luckiest gamblers can try to start the Lucky Jet predictor download to make new exciting betting methods. Today, we discovered that gambling can give users new fun and learning opportunities. However, such projects are likely to cause addiction, especially among those people who are prone to this psychological phenomenon. Over time, this addiction can develop into a real disease.

This is the reason why a gambler should be able to navigate his emotions and have a time and money limit at which he can not ruin his personal life, work, and gambling. Gamblers can only get rid of risks in this case. If you are one of these gamblers, you can try the Lucky Jet promo code in your betting.


The gambling industry is developing rapidly, so every day, users get exciting and extraordinary projects for betting. Among them are slot machines, roulette, card games, and virtual simulations on the Internet, on the official websites of the particular casinos. At the same time, the gambling community develops its products, such as the Lucky Jet signals telegram bot. This abundance of interesting projects expands the audience of customers of any online casino, so this entertainment becomes more popular every year. Wish you stay safe on the Internet and only have a successful Lucky Jet bet or another gambling activity.