Pizza Connection 2 is a strategy and business simulation game from the developer Assemble Entertainment. During the walk through the main character will have to solve many problems and overcome difficulties. First of all, he needs to choose a city where he will build a pizzeria, buy a place to build it, and design the interior. The next step is to come up with a pizza recipe, choose the right ingredients, order them, and hire the staff. Here the player can make all his fantasies true and feel like a real pizza magnate. The number of dishes on the menu must constantly increase in order to hook regular customers.

To make the business a success the main character will have to develop and run strategic advertising aimed at the attracting new customers and place it correctly. As the ads is the business engine. Also, he will need to decide on the menu prices. As soon as the pizzeria starts bringing income, the player will have to monitor the sales rating.

But don’t lose your vigilance! The main character is in danger, he will have to protect his business from the criminals and competitors who will certainly want to destroy the empire. Do not hesitate to blackmail and arrange dirty deals. In order to protect the pizzerias, you can hire security guards.

The main goal of the gameplay is to establish restaurants in 10 countries to build your own pizza empire. The main character will visit the most popular cities on the planet. Each state is a separate zone with specific levels and tasks. Missions gradually become more complicated. Each employee has original skills and characteristics. The more experienced the employee, the more you have to pay him or her. A large number of satisfied visitors, proper advertising and a large selection of dishes on the menu, gradually improve the reputation of the restaurant.